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Glaucoma is a condition that affects the optic nerve at the the back of the eyes. It causes a loss of side vision often referred to as peripheral vision. The loss of side vision is usaully very gradual and can go un-noticed. That is why it is vital to have regular eye examinations by a health professional that will take the time to look at your eye health thoroughly. The best way to assess the optic nerve is to have a dilated eye examination where the optic nerved can be looked at in 3-Dimensions. This lets us examine the structures in more detail. It is also important to have the eye pressure checked. Some individuals will also need a visual field test. This test is a computerized test which gives us a reading of the persons complete side vision in each eye.

In most people glaucoma is caused by an increase in the intra-ocular pressure. In a normal eye the eye pressure is kept contant by production of fluid by the ciliary body (see diagram) and drainage of fluid through the trabecular meshwork. If the balance between the production of fluid and drainage of fluid is interupted, a build up of pressure can occur in the eye. This can then damage the vulnerable optic nerve. Other forms of glaucoma can occur with normal pressure in the eyes and is linked with poor circulation of the optic nerve. There are also other causes of glaucoma related to other eye diseases called secondary glaucoma or from trauma to the eye.

This is a picture of the drainage out of the eye.


Take the time to view this video clip on Glaucoma for futher information.

Please visit the Glaucoma Australia Website for more information > http://www.glaucoma.org.au/