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Our Promise To You

Have confidence in your glasses purchase

At Lynbrook Vision Centre we GUARANTEE you will get the best vision out of your glasses.

If you buy our glasses and have any trouble adapting to your new glasses, just let us know and we will change the lenses at no charge if need be. We have helped many clients who have had trouble with their glasses from elsewhere to improve thier vision and comfort.

Don't compromise your eyes! Our Precision testing and quality lenses make sure that you will see better when you see us. We will make sure you get High Definition Vision for a high definition world.

As a loyal customer, in the event of an accident within 12 months of purchase, we will replace your glasses for 50% off the price.*

Any manufacturing faults are covered by repair or replacement for up to 2 years.

Our team has years of experience and expertise in making sure you have the right fit with your glasses.

So don't put up with just any glasses...

Choose Lynbrook Vision Centre glasses and enjoy your visual experience.