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High Definition Vision

What sets us apart from the rest, is that we pride ourselves in finding the very best high definition vision for each individual and cater the eye examination and lens choices specifically for them. We say "no" to eyestrain and eye fatingue and combat these annoyances that can have a huge impact on your work or play. We aim to make you see clearly and comfortably so you can reach for the stars.....or reach for your phone, laptop or book, whatever it is that you do in your day to day life that you want to see clearly.

How do we achieve this massive task to give you the best vision:

1) We listen

2) Precision Testing

We ensure our patients receive HD Vision Calculations to give the best vision result.

3) Superior Lens design. Not all lenses are the same, lens quality makes a huge difference to how well you will see in the end. The saying "You get what you pay for" really applies with lenses.

What is the point of having high tech quality screen devices if your vision is not up to scratch and you have cheap lenses? A HD screen is not HD if your you don't have the best lenses to see.

4) An anti-reflective coating This coating gives you better vision because it reduces annoying reflections from the lens. We strongly recommend this option on the glasses as a standard.

And don't forget to ask us about our Savers options if you are price coscious.

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Savers Packages
Apart from our premium range of products we also have Savers options. These packages are designed to give you designer fashion frames at a very competitive price. We have 2 pairs from $199 including scratch resistant single vision lenses. Adding an antireflective coating is just $50 extra per pair! We also have no Gap Options if you have Private Health Insurance.

Five Steps to the RIGHT prescription glasses.

1. Keeping up to date with your prescription plays a key role in seeing well and being comfortable. Leaving it for too long, can make it hard for your brain to adapt to the glasses as the shift/change is much bigger.

2. Over the last 20 years, since I graduated from optometry college, I have developed a technique, which I call the “ just right rule”. Basically, it involves a visual balance. Not too little, but not too much. Just like salt in cooking. You over do it and the result is terrible. You under do it and it is again….terrible. Over power in the glasses makes them hard to adapt to and can even strain the eyes. Too weak in the glasses will undoubtedly cause eyestrain.

3. Know the key lens types. Single vision glasses only have one focus. If your lens in the eyes can adjust on its own and has no other binocular/accommodative issues, then this type of lens will work perfectly for you and is the most cost effective. Some people though, especially those of us that are now over 40 years of age, which for the first time in my career also includes me! This means that the distance glasses are not as clear for reading and the reading glasses are not as clear for distance. It’s a bit of a debacle, unless you have the right lenses. An enhanced reader/computer multifocal allows much more flexibility than just a reading pair of glasses. It essentially has two zones and works excellent for computer and reading. Some people need a full multifocal lens, which has multiple zones, but three of which are key, distance, intermediate and near.

4. Get the right coatings for your glasses. Most lenses include a scratch resistant coating as a standard. An anti-reflective coating reduces annoying reflections from the lenses. It makes it much clearer to look through the glasses and the glasses look better on you, as others make eye contact without annoying reflections. You can also consider a blue blocking coating on your glasses if you spend many hours infront of a computer.

5. Get your eyes tested where you want to get your glasses. Finding your prescription is a complicated job. We can measure what your eyes need, but not how your brain is going to adapt to the glasses. Keeping the eye test and dispensing/making of the glasses in one place, keeps the responsibility in one place. Think of the prescription for glasses like a recipe to bake something. Depending on who makes up the recipe, changes the end result. We have a very wide range of qualified optometrists in Melbourne, so you will never be limited for choice, but it is important to pick one choice and have your eyes tested and make the glasses in the one place.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful and don’t hesitate to contact me at Lynbrook Vision Centre. Dr Priscilla Tricarico Optometrist.